Digital Michigan Newspapers

Digital Michigan Newspapers. For nearly 50 years, the Clarke Historical Library has been actively preserving Michigan’s historic newspapers through microfilm. Over the last decade, it has begun to convert the treasure trove of historical newspapers found on microfilm both here and around the state into digital formats that can be accessed on-line. Thousands of pages of local newspapers recording Michigan history as it happened are found here. This collection contains 25,141 issues comprising 254,057 pages.

Additional newspapers digitized by the Clarke are available via Chonicling America, a database maintained by the Library of Congress. For a listing of all digital newspapers available throughout the state of Michigan, visit the Clarke’s Michigan Digital Newspaper Portal. The Library of Michigan has developed a resource that traces the connections between newspapers within in a city, which can be viewed via the Michigan Newspaper Family Histories website. For more information about microfilming and digitizing services provided by Clarke Historical Library, click here.
Grant Rules.

This collection contains 25,141 issues comprising 254,057 pages.