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Four Basic Principles to Make Fortune Roll Your Way

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You can become a luckier person.


Look around and you will see two kinds of people: “lucky people” for whom things almost always turn out well, and “unlucky people” who seem destined to fail no matter what they attempt.

Why should it be that there are these two radically different types, since, after all, together we all form the same human race? It is a question that we have all probably asked ourselves at one time or another, and as this book will show, a large part of the answer lies with the influence of the spirit world has over our lives.

Neither do we tend to be content with the amount of good fortune we may be blessed with. Habitual “losers” inevitably find themselves wishing they had a fair amount of luck, whilst even people who enjoy a disproportionate amount of good fortune still tend to hope for that little bit more.

The question therefore becomes more a case of “how can I improve my luck?” – The answer to which may be illustrated by two Chinese characters in the compound “unsei” which means “luck” but which when literally translated usually means “fortune – power,” – a strong indication that a person with good luck has the “power of fate” on his side…

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