What is Heliotrope?

In the Victorian Era, it was thought that after a person died and before they reached the other side, they could possibly snatch the soul of their loved ones and take them with them. It was also thought that these souls in transition could not see the color black so the wearing of the color black became customary by those in mourning as to prevent this soul snatching. The period of time when a person was required to wear all black was known as Full Mourning.

After a period of time, those in mourning could transition to Half Mourning which still required the wearing of black, but could include the addition of a small amount of color. The color that became associated with this Half mourning period was Heliotrope. Heliotrope, a purplish-pink color, symbolic of the Heliotrope flower known to turn towards the sun. Helios is Greek for Sun.

Pure Schoolcraft is adopting this color as we look to a new day and face the Sun once again.

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