Twenty-Five Million Women



Of Twenty-Two States Ratifying Suffrage Amendment Eighteen Are Republican, According to Executive Committee Chairman


“I am optimistic enough to believe that there will be 25,000,000 women voting in 1920,” is the declaration of Mary Garrett Hay, chairman of the Republican Women’s National Executive Committee, given out in Washington.

“There are already 22 state ratifications of the suffrage amendment. Of this number 18 are Republican states. I think there is a sense of gratitude that the suffrage amendment became a law on the strength of the Republican party vote.

Nearly 15,000,000 women are now qualified to vote, and this tremendous influence, under efficient organizations, will swing the next election and force a party platform that will embody constructive legislation in its planks.

“It is our right to select the good men for public office and to support them when elected.

On High Plane

“Naturally the women in any campaign will want it waged on a high plane of constructive policies and not personalities. They can have what they demand, and it now becomes necessary for them to study the issues before the country today and to insist that the political parties with which they affiliate shall frame and support those social and industrial improvements.

“The stress of war brought our women into every branch of the service, and they became more interested in the big questions of life than they ever had been before. They ceased to think locally and began national and international study.

“Henceforth any man ambitious for the presidency of the United States must actually co-operate with the progressive views of the women who devoted their efforts to alleviate the woes of humanity during this fearful war and who will continue to fight for the betterment of mankind.

“The new platforms must carry such sincere issues that they will make a direct appeal to the sympathetic understanding of the women voters.

Child Labor Restrictions

“They will be directly interested in the subject of child labor and its abolition, and will naturally have faith in the Republican party to support this plank, for it was under the administration of President Taft that the children’s bureau was inaugurated.

“Women will work for all laws that will ameliorate the condition of working women, for maternity legislation and for equal pay for labor regardless of sex.”